We greatly value the need to provide interesting and engaging entertainment materials to the APAC region. Our company believes in the need to grow the motive distribution industry beyond borders and make it more competitive as compared to its present state. Which would immensely benefit movie producers, all those that form part of the distribution chain, as well as the final consumers. Once we purchase theatrical rights from movie producers, we take adequate measures in distributing the movies to APAC region, making it convenient for the APAC region to conveniently have the viewing right to blockbuster movies. Our company is concerned with enabling movie producers, make adequate profit from all their movie productions without running at a loss. Therefore, we create the right environment that enables the APAC region to have great value for the productions that come from other parts of the world. The years of experience possessed by the founder of Carnival Movies International Private Limited is considered to be instrumental in the effort made by the company towards setting the pace in movie distribution in the APAC region. Carnival Movies International Private Limited is concerned with bringing extensive experience, innovation and strong relationship to the film market. Our company values the need to deliver exceptional content to the APAC region, providing a ready market that can benefit from the creative movie productions that take place globally.